Space Transportation

Industry Leadership 

  • Project/Program research, strategic and business development 
  • Public-Private civic and economic development 
  • Suborbital Vehicles technology research, development and funding 

  • Commercial aerospace ports, experimental and point to point transportation infrastructure 

  • Infrastructure and support equipment development and funding 

  • Commercial Space commerce chain Finance, Insurance and Legal reviews 


IFG leads the High Speed Flight conversation through the High Speed Flight portal

Oscar S. Garcia/IFG is the founding leader of the executive committee of F47 Commercial Spaceflight Standards.

IFG Owns Suborbital Technology Development Company SpaceJett™

IFG Leads and Hosts the Fast Forward High Speed Aerospace Point-to-Point Global Transportation Group

IFG Leads the Commercial Space Industry LinkedIn group

Oscar S. Garcia is a Member of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Commercial Space Operations Advisory Group

Oscar S. Garcia is a US FAA AST COMSTAC Member and Chair of the Standards Working Group (SWG)

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