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Yvette and Oscar Garcia have been inspired by the magic of flight since their early childhood. Meeting aboard a 747 aircraft, Oscar as a Pilot and Yvette as an adventurous globe trotting passenger.


Since then, they have lived a flying life-love story immersed in the world of flight


As an artist and furniture designer, De Astis pays homage to the numerous man-hours spent by others in creating these fantastic pieces of metal, creatively transforming each part into a new work of art.


Facundo is a Miami based designer born in Argentina in 1971. He was trained as a master builder back in his native Buenos Aires and moved to Boston in the early 1990's where he graduated from Architecture school and also received a Masters Degree in Urban Affairs and Environmental Problems. Poj is a handcrafter of furniture and objects.


Mr. Valentino's pieces for Flight Studio are inspired by his passion for aviation, aerospace and theme of flight. His fascination for flight and airplanes began when he was 15, or even a younger age. His first piece, an inspired yet elegant intricately detailed aircraft, created completely of wire, was completed when he was only 16.


Influenced by modern lines and aviation design, Yoshi Yasuda creates art furniture which is a departure from traditional furnishings. He unifies the elements of sculpture and function in his bold and expressive modern designs incorporating fine woods, vintage airplane parts and other complimentary materials to create a truly unique product.


David Gale started this work of art as a tribute to the old models that were created for display in the 50's.  The end result was a unique hand-made aircraft with a lamp designed so when lit, the glow lights up the aircraft, giving the illusion of an aircraft flying at night with its cabin lights on. 

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Like the stories of our lives, the contrails of an aircraft move forward, reflecting on our past, rejoicing in our present and pointing to our future. Flight is the journey of life. With my work, I wish that the essence of the human soul materializes through the metaphor of flight.                                                                                                                                                           

My 3-dimensional constructions are built mostly from wood, paper, canvas and acrylic paint. Their ideas evolve from an organic and intuitive process. The final work is a combination of my creative vision and a highly organized process employing disciplines of geometry and applied design.




 I am a flight engineer of the Japan Air Line cockpit crew on board B747. The total flight time is approximately 15,000 hours. Flying in the great arch of the sky, I can see many countries and splendid views. Richard Kai, my artist name, has been chosen to promote my artwork overseas.                                                                                     


Erik Lindbergh is the grandson of Charles and Anne Lindbergh, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Lindbergh Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering his grandparents’ vision of balancing technological advances with environmental preservation.                                                   


Born in Rouen, France, Hervé Alexandre excelled in the arts from a young age, however it was not until he focused his studies on portraiture and painting at Toulouse, France, and over to Ottowa, Canada from 1981 to 1984 that he truly refined his skill and style. Alexandre prefers to create realistic works in irrealistic media and colors. 


Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1957, Fernando Sucre was raised on a steady diet of 1960’s American television (Astroboy, Jonny Quest and The Jetsons dubbed in Spanish) while being exposed to space age design and technology by his father, the national government’s chief engineer. 


Désirée, born in the Netherlands, started painting at the age of fifteen after she received a painting set as a present. From that time onwards painting formed an integral part of her life. 


Carlos Hoyos is a modern day renaissance man who has succeeded in utilizing his creative and artistic side as well as his highly methodical, technically adroit side by staying focused and true to his passions, photography and aerospace.


Mike Tesch has spent most of his lifetime creating ads that have become part of vernacular America. He was instrumental in putting Federal Express on the map with an award winning first ever television campaign. “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight”.


Bernardo Medina's development as an artist has been a long process of study and experimentation in medium, style and technique. Ten years ago this experimentation led him to create pieces with mixed media; he instantly recognized that he had found his calling.

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