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Born from a shared passion and years of experience in the aerospace industry, Oscar and Yvette Garcia, husband and wife, partnered to form InterFlight Studio in 2003. Offering collectors and discerning buyers a unique inventory of beautiful flight inspired items, including genuine aviator sunglasses, pens that traveled to the Moon on Apollo missions, design pieces made from aircraft parts and a host of collector items and unique gifts often seen in Contemporary Art Museum stores such as the MOMA and the Guggenheim. InterFlight Studio boasts the distinction of being the world’s only art gallery dedicated exclusively to aerospace, space and flight inspired contemporary art. 

With a unique blend of industry knowledge, private and commercial aerospace experience and an ever-widening followership co-founders Yvette and Oscar Garcia have become the leading authorities on flight-inspired art, design and creative products. InterFlight Studio provides the most comprehensive assemblage of aerospace-inspired items to the public. Walk into the Downtown headquarters, and you will immediately be transported to a magical world of flight. 

InterFlight Studio presents to the world an exciting mix of both emerging and established artists like Charles Lindbergh’s grandson, Erik Lindbergh, Pilot-O, Herve Alexandre, Desiree Bordes and more.

Oscar & Yvette Garcia

TV video introduction: "Fly like a bird"

Produced by Art Street/ Meredith Porte

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