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Peter Valentino is a fine artist and designer with 35 years of experience. American born, self-taught at a very early age, with a remarkable ability to work with metal, wood, and glass, he has created a majestic portfolio of work turning aerospace materials, objects, artifacts and composing sculptures and installations that become spectacular works of art.

Mr. Valentino's pieces for Flight Studio are inspired by his passion for aviation, aerospace and theme of flight. His fascination for flight and airplanes began when he was 15, or even a younger age. His first piece, an inspired yet elegant intricately detailed aircraft, created completely of wire, was completed when he was only 16. The seed of fine art and fine sculptural functional design was planted. At 19 years old, art and flight merged and Peter became a pilot. He received his pilot's license and it was at this point in time that the intersection of his love of flight and his artistic talents were fused formally in an equation that has lasted a lifetime and promises to be latent in his work for decades and even generations to come. Mr. Valentino has since created aerospace works growing in importance and with museum and archival quality. Flight Studio curators have spoken highly about his masterful replicas of aviation-themed pieces as collectible artifacts, appreciating contemporary works d'art, elegant gifts and inspiring illustrations of what is possible when flight meets art and design at its finest.

Peter's imagination as his guiding light has connected with collectors, investors and galleries worldwide. Over time, carefully selected airplane parts, acquired through an inspired and flight enlightened process, oftentimes reflecting on his extensive flight relationship as a pilot, as the critical raw materials by which to create the final master pieces.

Imagination, possibility and timelessness emanate from Peter's sculpture, wall art, furniture, displays, and other luxury accessories. Bespoke design have successfully exceeded client and collectors' expectations as Peter blends the client's inspiration and desires with his unique and masterful translation into works of fine art and design.


Peter Valentino custom-builds and sells a very limited number of one-of-a-kind aviation-themed bars, designed to appeal to most discriminating collector's, investors and high net worth individuals who want to pursue their passions, interest in the theme of flight and express their originality while still demanding the highest quality and exacting standards in workmanship and materials.

With almost 30 years experience in fabricating distinctive, handcrafted flight themed projects encompassing a wide variety of aerospace materials. Peter's specialized themes, assembled with aircraft components, painstakingly restored, and incorporating them into unique composition, furniture and lighting designs.

His aerospace design creations, in the form of a humidor, are truly one-of-a-kind and reflect the skill and expertise of fine craftsmen applying their full potential.

Each bar sculptural masterpiece takes months from inception through completion – requiring more than 1,000 hours of extensive restoration in addition to hundreds of hours under machinery. 

Peter Valentino

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